1, A feast for Southeast Asia's fastener industry, diverse products meet Indonesia's procurement needs!

The Southeast Asia Fastener Professional Exhibition exhibits cover fastener finished products, fastener equipment and technology, fastener wire rods, molds and consumables, etc. The diverse products of more than 250 exhibitors meet the all-round procurement needs of Indonesian buyers.

2, A special Southeast Asia fastener exhibition area has been set up to reach more than 150 fastener finished products and equipment companies in one stop!

As a sister station of Shanghai Fastener Professional Exhibition, Southeast Asia Fastener Professional Exhibition provides Indonesian audiences with opportunities to negotiate close cooperation with Chinese fastener companies, promotes the establishment of in-depth cooperative relations between the two parties, and jointly creates a bright future for Southeast Asian fasteners!

3, Multiple industry summit forums and equipment launches have been held, and Indonesian Industry 4.0 hot-selling products and equipment are all available at one place!

The organizers will hold Southeast Asia Metal Processing and Cold Heading Technology Summit Forum, Indonesia Auto Parts Development Forum, Indonesia Fastener Industry Overseas Forum and other activities, focusing on the types of mechanical parts and equipment urgently needed in the Indonesian Industry 4.0 plan, and at the summit site Release the best-selling models of leading companies to provide Indonesian buyers with more purchasing windows.
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