The 15th Fastener Expo Shanghai 2025
Exhibition name: Fastener Expo Shanghai 2025 Exhibition time: June. 17-19, 2024
Exhibition venue: NECC (No. 333, Songze Avenue, Shanghai)
Organizer: & Shanghai Ebseek Exhibition Co., Ltd.
About the exhibition
Shanghai Shangsou Exhibition Co., Ltd. continues to create a professional exhibition in the fastener industry with the spirit of "ingenuity", and takes the global high-end fastener industry innovation platform as a new positioning. Over the past 15years, with the strong support and enthusiastic participation from major associations at home and abroad, well-known fastener manufacturers at home and abroad, and equipment/wire/mold manufacturers, Shanghai Fastener Professional Exhibition has become one of the three major fastener exhibitions in the world. First, it has also become the industry vane of China and even the global fastener industry.
Exhibition scale
Exhibitors: 1200+
Professional Visitors: 24,000+
Exhibition Area: 70,000 square meters

50 concurrent conferences and activities
40 international buyers participated in the matchmaking meeting
100 associations and media partners
Range of exhibition
Fastener supporting equipment
Fastener production equipment, fastener materials, fastener molds and consumables, testing equipment, packaging equipment and other related production technologies and equipment.
Finished fasteners
Standard fasteners, non-standard fasteners, automotive fasteners, steel structure fasteners, wind power fasteners, electrical and electronic fasteners and other fastener products for professional applications, etc.
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Shanghai EBseek Exhibition Co., Ltd.
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