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6-hour direct flight, visa on arrival, zero worries when traveling abroad to participate in exhibitions
Exhibitions and inspections are done correctly, and we go with the best person
Participate in the exhibition for three days and provide overseas publicity services for a whole year
Buyer's voice
"Toyota Indonesia is confident that the motor vehicle industry can play a greater role in the Indonesian economy, and Toyota Indonesia has managed to continue to increase exports. Fasteners for automobiles are also an area of concern for us."
—— Toyota Indonesia
One year after entering the Indonesian electric vehicle market, it successfully achieved the first place in market share. Hyundai Motor regards Indonesia as the growth focus of its electric vehicle business. At the same time, we are also concerned about the supporting facilities for automotive fasteners. There is such an exhibition in Indonesia, so of course you should go and see it.
“Daihatsu Sigra has once again maintained its position as the Low Cost Green Car (LCGC), the best-selling budget car in our country during September 2023. We will also learn more about the suppliers of automotive fasteners for Daihatsu’s future There are more options.”
—— Daihatsu
“Indonesia currently plans to complete its energy transformation by 2060, which will require up to 300GW of new energy power installed capacity, including wind power, photovoltaic, geothermal and hydropower. PLN is vigorously promoting the green power transformation, and we hope to find more information at the exhibition. We have many partners to contribute to Indonesia’s green and sustainable development.”
—— PLN
"SEG's world-class manufacturing experience and economic investment will enhance Indonesia's position in the global renewable energy industry supply chain. I am looking forward to seeing wind energy photovoltaic fastener products at the exhibition."
—— ATW Group
"The company has started the construction of the Trans-Sumatra Expressway Network in 2014 and plans to complete the construction of the first phase of 1,064 kilometers of expressways in the Trans-Sumatra Expressway Network (JTTS) in mid-2024. There is an opportunity to focus on machine construction. Fasteners, we're happy to be involved.
—— PT. Hutama Karya
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